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Oops, sorry, missed these last details. Was in a hurry to catch a bus, so did not read everything.
Well, then you could try to get access to the (Db)Session and do a manual query, or simply 'patch' the taskquery and submit an issue for it. The reason that I think this should be in jBPM (maybe even a method on the taskservice later) is that for managers this is also an interesting thing to be able to reassing task in case of sickness... Mention this when reporting the issue (real life sensible usecases always help in getting things prioritized)
Regarding the status, you have to iterate over tasks to indeed (ab)use the progres, or make sure it is indexed, or hope (expect) that if you do this for moderatly sized tasklists, your dbms optimizes the query and uses indexed fields first. I assume that this is not a method that will be used a lot...


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