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Author  : Ronald van Kuijk
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Let me first clear some things up. This forum does not get silent when transactions are mentioned, it just does not get active. Keep in mind that this is a user forum. User forum in more sense then one. It is for users, by users. So it is a peer forum. If you run a less commonly used application server (WLS 11g), there is a bigger chance of not getting help. I myself used WLS up to 8.1SP4 (or was it 5) so have no options to even try to help out and suggesting things. So I keep quiet to. This is probably true for many other users as well. (using db2 is comparable as there are also less people using it, at least as WLS in combination with jBPM)
Secondly, as long as there is no *minimal* testcase where things can be reproduced on the (currently) supported configurations (supported in the sense that there is qa cycle for it, not that it will only run on these), it is even harder to start helping out.
What I further get from this topic is that I hear things like table locking... that is scary
Further more, if things seem related to 'async', (dead) locks etc, read http://docs.jboss.com/jbpm/v4/userguide/html_single/#asynchronouscontinuations again and pay special attention to the third possible value of the continue attribute, called exclusive.... Maybe it helps...


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