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Author  : Heiko Tappe
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I am facing the same problem using jBPM 4.2 with a Firebird database in a non-clustred environment.
The part of the process definition causing the problem looks like this:
   <task assignee="TAPPE" name="mytask">
      <transition name="to next" to="next"/>
      <transition name="to timeout" to="timeout">
         <timer duedate="1 minute"/>
   <mail name="timeout">
      <to addresses="my at domain.net"/>
      <text>Timeout occured</text>
      <transition name="to mytask" to="mytask"/>

And I would expect to see an email every minute as long as the task isn't completed. But only one email is sent and after that the error occurs and no more timouts are reached.
Any idea?


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