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> nizzy wrote:
> As can be seen from the jboss-aop.xml I'm trying to intercept the call to the ExampleManagerBean->createObject(..) method when called from within the ExamplemanagerBeanTest. I assume that when the aopc output states that a class has been compiled it mean that aop has recognized that instrumentation was required. So from the output I can see that;
> > PersistenceHelperTest.class
> > PersistenceHelper.class
> > PersistenceHelperTest$1.class
> > ExampleManagerBean.class
> > ExampleManagerBeanTest.class
> > MockPersistenceHelper.class
> Have been instrumented, is this assumption correct?
Yes, your assumption is correct.
We need to find out why the call joinpoint is not being intercepted. First thing I would try is replacing the withincode by a simple within and then, if the call you want to intercept is not being intercepted this way, I would try using the pointcut with the call expression alone, that is, without the withincode part. For testing purposes, this can be useful to identify if the problem is the withincode, or if it is intercepting the call from inside the test class.
The JBoss AOP tests are reproducing both scenarios, and all of our tests are passing, se we also need to find out what is different in your scenario. This will be the next step.


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