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Hi Ronald,
I take on board your comments. However the point I was trying to make is that as there are no docs on JTA/transactions for jBPM then the user community is left to try and figure it out for themselves (most likely the hard way). Most likely the only people who would know ths information are the people who implemented it. And as they have not documented it in any form (for whatever reason) then of course that effectively means that no-one will likely be able to use it unless they have the luxury of the time to sit and go through all the code to try and figure out what it is doing.
It seems rather strange to me that the JobExecutor seems to be looked on as some kind of usual use case. The whole point of BPM is to handle exactly these kind of asynchronous long running tasks. Regardless of which server you are running on it should not be relevant as this should be taken care of by in the hibernate config (or at least that is my understanding of how this application should work). If not then it simply cant be ported to other non-JBoss servers without custom code mods which would make no sense (maybe this is the way to get people onto JBoss )
So a simple question. Should I use *jbpm.tx.jta.cfg.xml or* *jbpm.tx.hibernate.cfg.xml** should surely be a simple question to answer for anyone involved with the product. As this question is irrelavent of the app server. Or are people just running very simple standalone apps with basic hibernate transactions - so this is not enterprise then ?.
Just seems odd to me that the core guys are spending time implementing loads of new functionality when the basics are not deocumented well enough for people to use them. I did try to mail the project lead directly regarding this simple question on JTA but he didnt see fit to answer. So I guess you can draw your own conclusion from that. We are facing lots of issues around Id generation, constraint violations to name just a few. I am sure they are all related to this JTA question. But it looks like JBPM will go in the bin as if we can solve it in the next few days then we wont have any other choice to dump it and implement another solution.
I appreciate your time as always.


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