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The contents of the file looks like it came from server/default/deploy/ROOT.war/index.html.
The only way the files could get copied to the /root directory, and have an owner and group of root, is if a process that was running as root placed them there. Based on what you wrote, I gather that JBoss AS is not running under root. Which means that it is not JBoss AS or any of the apps deployed to it that are doing this (unless there is something about Linux security that I don't know, which is very possible )
I checked two of my Linux systems and neither of them have these files in /root.
If you were running on Windows, I would suggest running File Monitor (or Process Monitor) from Sysinternals. That tools lets you monitor which processes are doing what to files; you could easily set it up to tell you everything that is happening to files in a specific directory. I don't know if there are any Linux tools that would do the same thing.


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