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Taking a look at your older http://community.jboss.org/message/520849#520849, I see that the bean you're mentioning in the pointcut is an EJB session bean, is that right?
If it is, then I may know why is your pointcut not picking the call. When a call is made to a session bean, you are actually calling the session bean stub, whose type is unknown but implements the bean's interface. For that reason, I think that if you use instanceof{session interface type} as the class name in the call pointcut, it will work:
<bind pointcut="call(public void $instanceof{<fill in with the bean interface here>}->createObject(..))">
 <advice name="throwMultefileException" aspect="com.ecebs.unittest.aop.aspect.ExceptionInjector" />

Let me know if that solves your problem!


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