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In EJB2, you can pass the state to a stateful EJB using the home interface and the arguments that are defined for the ejbCreate method of the bean. This seems like it should be a simple thing do to, and I feel a little dumb asking the question, but how do you pass the state into an EJB3 stateful bean? All of the documentation that I have read so far assumes that the EJB creates its own state when the (no-arg) constructor is called. But in my case, the business logic of the application has already created a state (in the form of an object tree) that it needs to pass into the stateful bean. I have created what I consider a hack, which is to expose an "initialize" method in the remote/local interface. The initialize method  sends the state to the EJB in the arguments of the method arguments. What are the better options for doing this?

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