[jboss-user] [JBoss Microcontainer] - Is it possible to add classloader root with wildcard pattern?

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Mon Jul 12 22:17:20 EDT 2010

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"Is it possible to add classloader root with wildcard pattern?"

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Thanks for replying,

I said "hard", I don't mean there a lot of code I need to handle. I meant that if the class would provide a setter method for vfsRoots, then subcass won't need to cut/paste to repeat code. It not a big deal, and I get that part.

What I still not clear on is what is the proper way for me to extend n provide a new classloader element that will take my wildcard expression for a depoyment xml. So if I were to extends it like this:

<pattern-classloader bean="my-cl">
     <root filename-re-pattern=".*\.jar">file:///opt/mylib</root>

Do I need to write a custom deployer to create the BeanMetaData?


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