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"JBoss Tools 3.2.0.M1 (Eclipse 3.6/Helios)"

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JBoss Tools Portlet development does not work.

According to the documentation, in order to create a portlet project we are supposed to create a dynamic web application. The application is supposed to be comfigured to point to a JBoss installation, and instead of using the "default configuration" for the JBoss runtime,  we are supposed to click the Modify button and select Portlet support in the resulting window.

The resulting window does not have a portlet support checkbox! Consequently, when you try to create a portlet there are errors and problems due to the portlet JARs missing.

This problen has existed in the Tools for Eclipse 3.5 as well as the Tools for 3.6. In other words, the bug has been successfully transferrd inti the newer version.

This problem persists regardless of the fact that the Tools for portlets has been downloaded. It effectively makes portlet development impossible.


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