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"Why I can't run jbpm4.3 examples on oracle server?"

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Hi zhang
> I removed the  property in hibernate config file:
> <property name="hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto">create-drop</property> 
> Then, the oracle server didn't drop and create new tables. However, some script (when I debuged the statement :
> deploymentId = repositoryService.createDeployment()
>         .addResourceFromClasspath("org/jbpm/examples/java/process.jpdl.xml")
>         .deploy();
> )still tried to update the table in oracle. 
I am not sure what exactly you mean be "update the table"
* "updater the content of a table" (update) is perfectly normal in this case since this statement is supposed to put a workflow definition into the database
* "update the structure of a database table" (alter table) shouldn't happen here, are you seeing this?

> Oracle error still took place.
can you show us the stacktrace please?

> Another question, I run the examples on hsqldb-server. The statement below:*ProcessInstance processInstance = executionService.startProcessInstanceByKey("Java", variables);*
> ** 
this should start a workflow with the name "Java" if you previously deployed such a workflow

> ** 
> I could *not find out how the  processInstance executed by key "java".*
> ** 
> I wrote a console with the same statement. Came out an exception "no instance with key named 'java'".
make sure you deployed a workflow with the name "java", or is it "Java"?


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