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"Portlet Development is Effectively Unusable in JBoss Tools"

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Hi Robert,

You really are having a bad week; lets see if I can make your week better  ;) 

1) Wizard not recognizing your portlet runtime. As said above, if you say you got a portlet runtime installed that we don't recognize then *please* open a jira with the details of what version and name of the Portlet container you used and what version of jboss tools so we can investigate. Our jira is at  http://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE http://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE Without that information my team can't really help since our test shows multiple version of JBoss Portal, GateIn and EPP as being recognized - of course our tests can't cover all combinations that you as an user might do but we can fix this but to know where to start looking please open jira with portal name and version.

2) User libraries - I haven't seen the portal *force* me to select a user library; it should only be warning you that if you continue there are probably going to be compile errors since there is no located runtime (see #1). Note, if Portal is *forcing* you to select a runtime and not allowing you to continue then that is a bug and please report that in jira.

3) Eclipse Facet are supposed to provide this kind of dependency automatically - that is partly true, but how do you expect the portlet facet to provide the runtime dependencies when it is not finding it ? (see #1). If we were to shove down on you a specific jboss portlet version distributed together with jboss tools then we would really be giving you vendor lockin and really bad dependency management (see  http://relation.to/Bloggers/NavelgazingClasspathContainersAnEclipseAntiPattern this for background).

4) I opened  https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-6719 https://jira.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-6719 and Snjezana came back answering:

There are the following JBoss Portlet Runtimes: 
 - JBoss Portal 2.x bundled with JBOss AS 4.x  
 - GateIn Portal 3.x bundled with JBoss AS 5.1 
 - JBoss Portlet Container 2.0 bundled with JBoss AS 4.2 and Tomcat 
 - GateIn Portlet Container 2.1 bundled with JBoss AS 4.2, JBoss AS 5.1 and Tomcat 
 - EPP 
 The Portlet engine recognizes all these containers except GateIn Portlet  Container bundled with JBoss AS 5.1. This server has a different name  for simple-portal directory (simple-portal.sar instead of  simple-portal).

Can you confirm you are using GateIn Portal 3.x bundled with AS 5.1 ?


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