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Thanks for your interest in jBPM. Your questions are rather high level, so forgive me if I answer on that same high level for jBPM4
> - what about BPEL compliance?

jBPM 4 has no BPEL implementation. Instead, BPMN2 is getting implemented
> - how are packaged designed applications?
For jBPM there are many ways, running as a server, embedding in webapps, in standalone applications etc... See the docs for this
> - is there any standard connector provided (database, BI tools, etc)
Connectors for database? jBPM has a 'HQL/SQL' node but not sure if that is what you mean. Specific things can be implemented very easily in Java.
Real full BI tooling is not provided. jBPM has a console where you can create reports via BIRT/Jasper Reports. The DB model is open, sou you can use whatever professional tooling you choose.
> - Are EJBs supported?
> - is there any JAAS support?
jBPM does not need this, but you can use it if you want. It's completely independent of whatever authenticaion mechanism you choose/
> - Any JMX plug?
No,this is not available. May I ask what kind of JMX functionality you are thinking of? Starting/stopping the engine?
> - Any versionning system? (something in the webapp that would help manage process versions?)
jBPM can run different versions of processes and the console can be used to manage these
> - Is that possible to trigger a process from an external program like a scheduler?
Yes (it is plain java)
> - Is remote deployment possible?
> - What are the supported Web servers?
Web? Or application servers? No real limits. JBoss tests it on JBoss 5 and Tomcat 5.5, but it is known to run on WLS 10, Glassfish and others. You only need to figure out which dependent jars to bundle based on the JBoss example
> - Are the processes compatible with other BPM engines?
Designtime? jPDL: no, BPMN2: partly (mainly because there are custom extensions
> - Compatible OS?
All where JSE 5 or 6 runs
> - Support price ?
Send a mail to the JBoss commercial people for this
> - What about error management? (Exceptions handling, etc)
Errors on a business level should be modelled in the process, Exceptions when calling the API should be handled by yourself other errors result in a rollback to the last known 'state'
> - High availability?
The DB is the 'shared consious', so Yes...
> - How configurable are user dashboards?
jBPM does not have dashboards. There is a basic console but this is not realy for endusers. Most people using jBPM develop their own UI
> - How are users/roles managed?
In whatever way you want. jBPM comes with a simple identity store, but you can plugin your own


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