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I have been looking for some answers concerning the following questions about JBoss and JVMs.
1. By default, does JBoss run it's deployed Web Apps (WAR file) or EJB Apps (EAR file) in the same JVM that JBoss started in ?
2. If so, is there a way to change this default behavior ? - i.e.: deploy two WARs in JBoss into two separate JVMs? Is it something having to do with the JBoss mbeanserver configuration?
3. I would think that there is - if you consider the example of deploying the same app on the same machine more than once - each with different deployment settings. You would Not want both apps to share the same data ( maybe one is deployed as Dev and one as Test), so maybe you want them in separate JVMs.
4. Are there any opinions as to the choices of running one deployed app per one application server vs. running multiple applications on one application server. I know the answer is probably application-specific - I'm looking for any general gotchyas.
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