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Author  : Koray Cetinbas
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Hi all,
I have a strange problem. I have a 2.6.4 versioned JBoss portal as a producer and 2.7.2 version portal as consumer.
At first everything goes well and i can consume remote portlets successfully
After some time, if i restart the consumer portal for example, i cannot reregister to the portal again.
There is an error such that on the consumer logs
             Couldn't register with producer 'Koray'
          15:32:32,765 ERROR [CallImpl] Call invocation failed
          javax.xml.rpc.soap.SOAPFaultException: Could not register consumer named 'NLRUA4
          WS10.europe.nortel.com.'. Consumer named 'NLRUA4WS10.mydomain.com.' has alr
          eady been registered with the same set of registration properties. Registration
So i go ahead and erase the local registration info from the consumer.
The same error.
I delete the consumer and define a new consumer. (i leave no consumers at all after some time)
The same problem.. Even though i do not have a consumer,  i still get this problem
And no matter what i do, i cannot reregister again to the producer..
What can i do to correct this. This has happened to me on a few more machines and i do not know a way to overcome this problem.
I really need to make this work properly
Any help is greately appreciated


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