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To chime in again, I personally haven't seen it happening again that the server in Eclipse's server view showed the resource I recently saved as a top-level deployable artifact.
It keeps happening that in the server view everything looks okay. Both the EJB and Web module are present as normal and they both are labeled with [Synchronized]. When I start up the server though, the Web module *only* contains a few resource I last saved! Everything else is gone. This happens almost daily or at least every few days.
Since I just had it happening again, the last actions I did are still fresh in my mind.
I had started JBoss AS and while it was running made several changes to JSP (JSF) files and Java files (inside method bodies, I don't have JRebel running for the moment). This session lasted for a few hours after which I stopped the server to make some more changes. I made a change in a JSP file again, in a faces-config.xml file and in a java file 3 files total, with the java file containing a static inner class.
Then I started the server again to see my changes, but it failed to start up. After inspection of the deployment it appeared that the entire web module only consisted of those 3 files I edited while the server was stopped and the 1 extra file that represents the static inner class. The Java files were of course the derived .class files in WEB-INF/classes and not the actual .java source files. Everything else was gone again, yet the UI still says "synchronized".
For this is currently extra troublesome, since for a few days JBoss AS tools also often refuses to deploy anything to WEB-INF/lib. I'm very happy when it for some magical reason finally deploys libs to that folder after taking hours of repeated re-deployments, but it all starts over when JBoss AS tools decides to delete everything again.


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