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> I have tried adding a dependency on HornetQJMSRealDeployer to the HornetQDestinationCreator and it still didn't work.
>    <bean name="HornetQJMSRealDeployer" class="org.jboss.as.integration.hornetq.deployers.HornetQJMSRealDeployer">
>        <depends>HornetQDestinationCreator</depends>
>    </bean>
You need demand, not depends.
Depends does this -- legacy style depends -- B depends on A:
* B waits until A is created
* A is created, now B can be created
* B now waits until A is started
* A is started, hence B can be as well
Where "demand" is simple one state dependency, by default in Installed.
In our case we need the A to be fully installed, since this is when it is automagically picked up and its output added to deployer.


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