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Here's some additional information.
I thought that my EJB 3.0 entity bean would map to the <container-configuration> 'Standard Pessimistic CMP 2.x Entity Bean' in standardjboss.xml.  The use of QueuedPessimisticEJBLock by this container was why I expected a JBoss transaction lock to occur, described in the JBoss documentation as:
"A transaction lock ensures that only one transaction at a time has access to a given Entity Bean."
However, in further testing it appears that the <container-configuration> entries in standardjboss.xml that are for entity beans are not being used for my EJB 3.0 entity beans.  I can remove all entity bean <container-configuration> entries from standardjboss.xml and my tests still run, and run with the exact same results.
Based on the following in the "JBoss in Action" book:
"In JBoss AS, there's a container definition for each type of remotely accessible EJB. ... In EJB3, an entity manager can't be accessed remotely and isn't managed by a server container. ... Because entities aren't managed by a server container, as we explore the container configuration, you won't see anything relating to EJB3 entities."
it seems that the <container-configuration> entries are for EJB 2.x and earlier entity beans.  My testing is certainly consistent with this interpretation.
Question: Are the entity bean <container-configuration> entries just for EJB 2.x and earlier?


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