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We have to keep separate update sites for JBossTools 3.0 and 3.1 because Eclipse doesn't support updates between 3.X releases:
1. updates/stable - for JBT 3.0.X for Eclipse 3.4.X
2. updates/stable/galileo - for JBT 3.1.X for Eclipse 3.5.X

It happens because update site structure is incompatible between 3.X releases. That's why if you're upgrading from JBoosTools 3.0 to 3.1. you have to do fresh install Eclipse + JBossTools and why JBossTools 3.1.0.GA update site has different URL.
So if JBossTools 3.0.4 is going to happen it will be available troug the same update site (1), the same for 3.1.1 releases, they'll go to (2).
I guess that you where using nightly builds of JBossTools. Nightly builds are published in updates/nightly area with version names like:
1. updates/nightly/3.1.0.CR1
2. updates/nightly/3.1.0.CR2
3. update/nightly/trunk
updates sites like (1) and (2) appear after branch is created for upcoming release.


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