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Author  : Hitesh Patel
Profile : http://community.jboss.org/people/sunil_patel

Here are the steps I followed (WebSphere needs some fix,  so it will not work, not with 6.1 at least):
1. Created a queue in JBOSS server. Tested the queue successfully from command prompt and from within RAD by running a java program with following jar files provided by JBOSS.
2. Created a JMS provider (JBOSS Messaging Provider) in local WebSphere with Admin Console. Added all jar files mentioned in step 1 in the classpath for the provider.
3. Created a Queue connection factory in local WebSphere with Admin Console.
4. Created a queue (with external jndi name same as provided in step 1) in local WebSphere with Admin Console.
5. Wrote a servlet to test this by sending a message in local WebSphere with Admin Console.
6. Ran the servlet. Connection is successful but get exception "javax.jms.IllegalStateException: Isn't an XASession" while trying to create sender.


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