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Author  : Kabir Khan
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One thing I have been doing which might be unnecessary is to wrap things with wildcards with a delegating class, e.g.:
 * Type info for a wildcard type
 * @author <a href="kabir.khan at jboss.com">Kabir Khan</a>
 * @version $Revision: 1.1 $
public class WildcardTypeInfo extends DelegateClassInfo
   private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
   private final String name;
   public WildcardTypeInfo(String name, ClassInfo delegate)
      this.name = name;
   public void toShortString(JBossStringBuilder buffer)
   protected void toString(JBossStringBuilder buffer)

So if you try to get the typeInfo for Class<? extends some.Thing> we end up with a ParameterizedClassInfo for Class which contains one type argument. This type argument is for some.Thing. The original introspection implemetation would just use that directly. What I am doing now is to
get the TypeInfo for some.Thing (1) and decorate that with a WildcardTypeInfo that delegates to 1, but has the name '? extends some.Thing' which is ONLY used in these two cases:
* invoking toString(). 
* looking up the WildcardTypeInfo in the cache
This has been done for both implementations.
The reason I am unsure if this is needed after all is that I am currently implementing TypeVariables, e.g.:
public <T extends some.Thing> T signatureMethod()
If I were to wrap it, I would end up with 1 and wrapping that with a TypeVariableTypeInfo which overrides toString with 'T extends some.Thing'. The problem is that if we also have
public <U extends some.Thing> T signatureMethod2()
public <V extends some.Thing> T signatureMethod3()
We end up with 3 different cached versions with a different name used for toString(), which all delegate to 1.
The only reason I did this was to have nice output when calling toString(), so I am wondering if that is really necessary?


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