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Excellent analysis, Andrew.  The issue of differing default filters and handlers is something I was a little worried about.  I think in hindsight that might have been a design flaw.  Using an identifier seems like a good workaround to me.
In terms of differing class names - my intent when I suggested subclassing OOS/OIS was that the read/writeClassDescriptor methods would be overridden such that javassist proxies are treated specially (similar to how reflection proxies are currently treated specially).  With reflection proxies, the implemented interface names are written; with Javassist, this information, plus the base class descriptor, plus the identifiers for the default filter and handler would all be part of the descriptor.
Once the proxy class is mapped, serializing the proxy instance +should+ work normally at that point.  The only thing I'm not sure of off the top of my head is whether there's a way to get an ObjectStreamClass descriptor instance for the Javassist proxy when reading that descriptor.  I seem to recall that this API is particularly moronic.


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