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actually this is what's happening rigit now, we have an ant script which runs on all the hbm's through xsl copies them to a build directory, the same scripts also bothers to compile our entire source, (again after eclipse did it) load it with aspectwerkz aspects, generate spring xml files contaning references to said hbm's, and then afterwords copies the entire thing again into a jboss ear.
pro's: IDE agnostic.
cons: takes mintues to do , frags the disk, creates a mismatch between my hbm and the actuall build (thus i cannot run immidiate junit tests, or launching) and unusable in a j2ee prespective with dynamic web project s and ear projects, and all for what?
build scripts are nice.. for CI server (if you have one), what i wanna do, is use aspectj instead of aspect werkz, just only incremental build aspects, not compile every source each time, and have eclipse append the fields i want to my actuall source, and i could use standard web projects for this, thus avoiding huge amount of needless overhead.
so how would i write a script to be called from a builder? (do you mean ant scripts configured form .projects?)


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