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Author  : simone bagnolesi
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i have some problems about changing ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY  inside client soap handler, i have jbossws native and jboss-5.1.0.GA.  
It works outside the handler with the follow instructions:
Sample port1 =
service.getSamplePort();String newAddress=


inside the handler, with the follow:
 *boolean* handleMessage(SOAPMessageContext arg0) { 
+ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY+, "http://-contesto-:8080/COPERGMPS.SOA/PTGateway"); 

*return* *true*;}
the above instruction doesn't work.
The +ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY + remains the same as the orginal wsdl soap address. 
The above instruction works with websphere 7.0 , tomcat and jdk.
Someone can I help me?


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