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Author  : Kabir Khan
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Trying to run the kernel tests with the jboss-reflect snapshot and javassist implementation with security disabled results in loads of failures. A lot of these seem to be due to BeanInfo never having been tested with the Javassist implementation, and fall into the following categories:
* PropertyInfo.getUnderlyingAnnotation() is not working properly w/ Javassist so we get problems in jbossxb since the @XmlTransient annotation is not read
* I need to dig in properly, but it seems that when configuring Collection/Map/Array properties, the individual elements are null rather than containing the expected values
* There might be more
I am currently creating Javassist versions of the org.jboss.test.beaninfo.test.* tests and fixing what comes up. The first thing I found is that when creating property infos for things like
public class BeanInfoGenericInconsistentTypes
   public BeanInfoGenericClass<String> getSomething()
      return null;
   public void setSomething(BeanInfoGenericClass<Integer> x)

With the Javassist implementation the 'something' property gets both a getter and a setter, while with introspection it gets only a getter. The code that determines this is this in AbstractBeanInfoFactory.getBeanProperties():
                  TypeInfo pinfo = thisSetter.getParameterTypes()[0];
                  if (getter.getReturnType().equals(pinfo) == true)

The introspection implementation returns ParameterizedClassInfos containing the generic information for the parameter and return types, so it looks like I will need to implement that for javassist anyway.


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