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> vickyk wrote:
> The client application will get the ConnectionFactory which will call the ConnectionManager::allocateConnection() and further invoke createManagedConnection Or matchManagedConnection.
> The createManagedConnection will basically invoke the MCF::createConnection().
> PS: If you could explain the details then I could take a deeper look at the specs and corresponding details, right now I am putting all what is there in top of my mind.
In HornetQRAManagedConnectionFactory.createConnection(), I create the ManagedConnection which in turn create the underlying HornetQ JMS resources.
At that time, I need to know if I should create a XASession (if <xa-transaction /> was specified), a transacted Session (if <local-transaction />) or a non-transacted Session (if in a <no-tx-connection-factory> element).
This created session will be returned later by ManagedConnection.getConnection(). Is that correct? 
I'm diving into the JCA spec to have a better picture of this...
thanks for the help


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