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> timfox wrote:
> We're discussing this here:
> http://community.jboss.org/message/532625#532625
> AIUI (Jeff please correct me if I am wrong), the JBoss JCA impl is calling getXAResource() even though no work is being done as part of an XA tx, which seems incorrect to me
Yes it does call the getXAReosource() on the MC even if there is not TX propagation. Here is the code which does it
Also the JCA interacts with the XASession's i.e which I assume are the XAResource via the TM, the TM could interact with the XAResources only when it is enlisted.If the TX is not propagated and JCA getting the XAResource and not making it available(by enlisting it in TX) should not have any effect AFAIU, I don't know how it is affecting TCK.
Yes as per the JCA specs we should not be calling the getXAResource on MC if there is not a TX propagation, this looks a bug to me also.
Jeff, are you able to get things working as it had been done in jboss messaing.
I could try making the changes in JCA but it might need more time for testing etc, I will raise a discussion about it in design forums too so that we hear more from otheres.


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