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Hello John,

I have solved some of my problems and I think this could interest you too.
I’m using JSF2.0 for my web application and solved the user input problem the following way.

I put a relative path to the input form for the task in the form flied of the task:

<task assignee="alex" form="../forms/userTaskForm1.jsf" g="220,16,92,52" name="task1">

This page contains the following code:

<h:inputText id="input1" value="#{processVariables.hashMap['Zahl1']}">

                        <f:converter converterId="javax.faces.Long" />


                  <h:inputText id="input2" value="#{processVariables.hashMap['Zahl2']}">

                        <f:converter converterId="javax.faces.Long" />


                  <h:inputText id="imput3" value="#{processVariables.hashMap['Zahl3']}">

                        <f:converter converterId="javax.faces.Long" />


                  <h:commandButton value="Setze Variable"

                        actionListener="#{taskController.setVariables}" />

This stores the data from the input flieds in a HashMap. When the user clicks on the commandButton this HashMap is set as variables for the task.

This works fine but is has two problems.
The first one is that I have to declare the type of the variables in the frontend with the help of converters. If I don’t do this, every variable is stored as a string.

The second one is that I have to set the names for the variables in the frontend “value=+"#{processVariables.hashMap['Zahl3']}"+>” So Zahl3 is the name/key of the variable.

Is there a possibility to predefine variables of a process in the procesdefinition.jpdl.xml?
So that I can readout the names and variables just have to fill a HashMap which already exists?

And Ronald thanks for your advice!



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