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"Copying and Branching a Project"

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Ok, I got the deploy to work correctly.

So, my path so far was:

1) Disconnect original project from CVS.
2) Copy project.
3) Change old project names to new project names in Webcontext and elsewhere.
4) Team CVS Reconnect orginal project
5) Team Share new project into CVS

The last remaining step is documented here:

*Copying A Project in Eclipse and CVS*

> You have to understand that I'm very noob so I  didn't know that Search...was a top level menu and had not been able to  find it under Edit (VSS.Net here).
>  Once I found it I did not see any mention of the old file name until I  checked  +Consider Derived Resources+.
>  At that point I found the source of my deploy to Jboss problem...the old  project name was in file called
>  org.eclipse.wst.common.component
>  Once I changed it there to the new project name, I right clicked on the  JBoss server and selected *Add and Remove Projects...* and was able  to add the new project to the list that JBoss would deploy.


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