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"Problems with usage python language in jpdl.xml"

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Thahks,  http://community.jboss.org/people/rebody Huisheng Xu  for your replay!! But I`ve included python factory into +*jbpm.default.scriptmanager.xml*+.
I`ve done it as this one - +*<script-language name="python" factory="org.python.jsr223.PyScriptEngineFactory" />*+.

And i checked it debuging code. So, in the class org.jbpm.pvm.internal.script.ScriptManager in the method evaluate(String script, String language)
I`ve got object *ScriptEngine = org.python.jsr223.PyScriptEngine at 6ca716*
which have *object interp = org.python.util.PythonInterpreter at 17cd18d*
and *object factory = org.python.jsr223.PyScriptEngineFactory at f92541.* 

*+<script name="invoke script" var="text" lang="python" g="113,18,104,52">
<text>import sys;print "start test!";testvar1 = 2 * 2 + 90;print "testvar1=", testvar1</text>
<transition to="wait" />
By this means that python is visible in jpdl.xml. But when evaluate(ScriptEngine scriptEngine, String script) is run then throw Exception
javax.script.ScriptException: NameError: name 'testvar1' is not defined in <script> at line number 1. For some reason variables can`t be remembered.

May be I try to use wrong factory +*org.python.jsr223.PyScriptEngineFactory???
If somebody hade met with this strangeness.

Thanks alot for replies!!! Andrew


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