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"sslservlet transport - too many client requests"

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HI All,

I am using remoting 2.5.1 with JBoss 5.1.0

I have setup sslservlet transport for my EJB2 beans. The invocation from the client side works fine.
Invocation URL  https://serverName:443/unified-invoker/SSLJNDIFactory/?dataType=invocation&return-exception=true https://serverName:443/unified-invoker/SSLJNDIFactory/?dataType=invocation&return-exception=true

To measure performance with a server behind firewall, I made a call on the server which returns a big List with objects back to the client.

Too many server client pings with small data (maximum of 1434 bytes).

I monitored this single call with wireShark and the data is as follows

|| *Nr* || *Time(milli seconds)* ||
| 1 - 60 (just for logging in) | 4.54 |
| *After this method call to fetch huge data* |  |
| 61 (response from the huge method) | 123.47 (response after a delay of 120 seconds, I checked the server and the mthod took 93 seconds) |
| *3881* (somany exchanges from server) | 215.574 |

So the initial calls 1-60 are just remoting calls for the authentication.
After that the actual method is called. After a huge delay the first response from the server us obtained. After the first response there are 3800 more exchanges between the server and the client to complete the data transfer.

I tried to use the -Dremoting.payload.size=4098 as a VM param to increase the packet size and decrease the client/server traffic, but did not work.

Is there a way to over come this problem? Appreciate any feedback.


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