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"Using personnal type : no such class"

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Hello all,

I'm trying to use javassist to create a new class at the execution.

I have a class named TranslatorConstructor and this one should create a class Translator. This class is composed of a field. This field is of IBinaryOutputFile type (personnal one). So when I get ClassPool thanks to ClassPool.getDefault, I do pool.importPackage with my own package "tools.IBinaryOutputFile". The problem is that doesn't work... Even if I use a class BinaryOutputFile and not an interface...

I'm using eclipse and I configure my project with javassist as an external jar. I'm  wondering if it was a good idea because I don't know how javassist does to find my class...

public TranslatorConstructor (String className) {
        ClassPool pool = ClassPool.getDefault();
        clazz = pool.makeClass(className);

public void init () throws CannotCompileException {
        String fieldName = "private IBinaryOuputFile binaryFile;";
        CtField field = CtField.make(fieldName, clazz);

When I create the field, an exception occured...

clazz is a class field a TranslatorConstructor affected in the constructor with makeClass.

If anyone has an idea about why it doesn't work, it would be great.

Thank you !


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