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"Using sockets from JBoss AS?"

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I am writing a web-app using the Seam Framework that needs to talk to a musical programming application called MaxMSP.

It seemed to me that JBoss Remoting was a good solution for this, and I have a standalone test application working that will talk to MaxMSP (MaxMSP allows you to write Java externals, and I was able to get a JBoss Remoting server to work well from within MaxMSP).

The problem is that when I tried to move the code for establishing the client connection and callback server to the Seam app, I got an EOFException "end of file" error message (thrown from line 877 of org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.MicroSocketClientInvoker.java).

After some Googling I saw a comment that led me to believe that JBoss AS might be blocking the socket connection. Is it even possible to use sockets with JBoss Remoting from within Jboss AS?

I tried to use RMI instead and almost got it working but unfortunately that doesn't work from within MaxMSP...since MaxMSP has its own dynamic classloader and RMI also has a dynamic classloader, I think there's a conflict there based on the error I was getting. I came to this conclusion because I got the server code to work fine outside of MaxMSP (as a standalone app).

Any pointers would be appreciated.


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