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"Using JNDI in clouds like EC2, GoGrid, Rackspace, etc"

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Hi all,

I am looking into deploying a JEE6 solution, complete with front end API interface, JMS, and back end EJB servers and MySQL db. Naturally I want to be able to scall all four tiers. We're considering a cloud solution like EC2 or Rackspace. The problem we're running into everywhere is nobody supports multi-cast, so the easy street clustering and lookup of servers is completely blocked for us. 

So my question is, has anoyone deployed a scalable JEE6 setup in one of these hosted locations and able to make scaling of different tiers relatively painless.. or for that matter, how did you scale at all?

The only way we can think of right now is to manually turn on instances ourselves, get the IP info, and add it to a database of servers/ips and somehow make use of that for each tier to identify new servers in the cluster to load balance to, or fail over to.

Thank you for any feedback on how to get around this issue and make scaling possible.

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