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"Alternatives to the jBPM web console"

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I have recently downloaded and ran examples that came with jBPM 5, as well as reviewed the User Guide. I am researching on how to embed the jBPM engine into a custom web app, which will provide the UI (currently plan on using RichFaces) to invoke user/human task actions, kick off process instances etc. 

I am still unclear on how all the components of jBPM fits together and how I can achieve my goal. A few questions below. 

+Please see the diagram here  (http://community.jboss.org/docs/DOC-13839#Main_components)for a breakdown of the jBPM components/terminologies.+

1. Is it correct to say that my custom Richfaces webapp will replace the entire +GWT console+ that came shipped in the installation, and that it will communicate directly with the +Process Engine?+ 
2. What is the need for GWT Server component running on client machines? 
3. If I defined my own web console to communicate with the Process Engine, it means that it needs to work off a different implementation of the Integration Layer. How does the Integration Layer Impl interact with the Process Engine - what API is involved and where are the Javadocs located? I should also mention that I have trouble locating Javadocs for jbpm (org.jbpm.* packages). The only Javadoc that came with the install was Knowledge API (org.drools.* packages). 
4. Is Knowledge API the only interface that my custom web app will interact with in order to execute the Process Engine?


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