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"Re: How to stop my WAR loading JBoss's provided 3rd party classes?"

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> I've found out that if I specify an ear file name as domain name in jboss-classloading-domain.xml then I see two classloaders in JMX view:
> domain: "jboss.j2ee:extension=LoaderRepository,service=EARDeployment,url='myapp.ear'" - the default one created by ear deployer, with parent policy: "AFTER_BUT_JAVA_BEFORE" and parent domain "DefaultDomain"
> domain: "myapp.ear" - created from jboss-classloading-domain.xml, with parent policy: "(before=EXCLUDE [org.hibernate.validator] after=)" and no parent domain (null).
> So it looks like I'll have to either add jboss-classloading.xml to change the domain name to the same valuse which is in jboss-classloading-domain.xml or modify jboss-classloading-domain.xml to use the default one.
> I quickly tried both but it broke the app - it couldn't load javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet (using negated recursive package filter for org.hibernate.validator as before-filter). With some other filter it couldn't start for other reasons so I'll try figure out a bit more about what actually happens..
Ah, another thing I missed -- EARClassLoaderDeployer. ;-(
Same issue as WebCLDeployer, it also sets some defaults, if no CLMetaData exists.

Let me check what gets used if you don't define any parent-domain in jb-cl-domain.xml.
> Also I noticed that war classloaders don't show up any parent domain (null).
How do you see this?
Didn't we fix this with explicit jb-cl.xml in each of the wars? (until WebCLDeployer is fixed)
> So do you think that NothingClassFilter combined with RecursivePackageFilter (the same way as NegatingClassFilter) would do the desired blocking?
If you use NothingFilter then there is nothing to combine. ;-)

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