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Thanks for the suggestion. However, I don't want to be completely dependent on Eclipse (or even jBoss for that matter). I still want to be able to use Notepad++ with the command line (as well as eclipse). I also want to be prepared for when jBoss goes out of fashion.

I'm looking for best practices on structuring projects in a sensible manner.
I then want to configure jBoss to work with the projects.

Here's the spec for what I want  ;) :

1) js, css, images, html & jsp: I want jBoss to read these straight out of source control. When they change, I want jBoss to pick them up straight away without any manual deploying or synching. (DRY principle: I don't want multiple copies of any of these).
2) 3rd party jars: Again, I want jBoss to read these straight out of source control. However, these will rarely change and don't require hot deployment.
3) Servlets and java code specific to this web app: These will change regularly and need hot deployment.
4) Standalone java projects (eg libs & utils specific to the company). This code will change regularly and require hot deployment. This code must be kept separate as it may be common to other web apps also.

Regarding configuring jBoss, I've noticed that versions 4.2.3 and 5.0.1 are quite different.
Any info on the differences, wrt config, would be most welcome.

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