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1) Not possible as state - there is nothing within JBoss AS that enables it to directly load the files from source control. You could possibly accomplish this with builds scripts hooked into a continuous integration server such as Hudson. Also, some of the files can appear external to a WAR (js, css, html as examples) while other need to appear within the confines of a WAR (jsp as an example), though the WAR can be exploded or packaged.
2) Again, not possible as stated. Personally, I prefer binary artifacts to be housed in a Maven-style repository (suc as Nexus). Once again, scripts could be employed to deploy updated binary artifacts. And realize again that most binary artifacts should be packaged within an EAR or WAR.
3) You could build depoloyment into the Ant or Maven build. Deployment to local JBoss AS on the developer's PC is easy. Deployment to test systems should be handled via continuous integration.
4) This question gets me thinking you haven't looked at Maven. Each binary artifact needs to have its own project, which implies its own build. And each binary artifact needs to idetify its dependencies on other binary artifacts. This can be easily managed with Maven.

By the way, I typically use Eclipse as a text editor. While I use Notepad++ and UltraEdit, I prefer editing Java code in Eclipse mainly because of the code completion, automatic formatting, refactoring support, and other niceties that Eclipse provides. For builds I always rely on Ant or Maven build scripts, never on Eclipse (well, except for Android development).

Regarding 4.2.3 vs 5.0.1 (actually, you should be using 5.1.0) config differences, the biggest differences is that a lot of things that were configured with MBeans (*-service.xml)  in 4.2.3 are configured on microcontainer POJOs (*-jboss-beans.xml) in 5.x, and JBoss MQ was replaced with JBoss Messaging making messaging configuration completely different. But configuring data sources (*-ds.xml) and logging (jboss-log4j.xml) remained the same.

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