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Roadmap for JBDS 2:

h2. Packaging

Reduce footprint - JBDS is huge at the moment (500+ meg), need to identify what is taking up all that space and if things could be stripped out. E.g. is it EAP filling up ? Can pack200 help ? 

h2.  Bundling JBoss EAP 5.0

JBoss EAP 5.0 is bundled and can be installed during installation.

h2. Better installer

Installer/JBDS that can configure against existing/different runtimes.
Because: Users might have existing runtimes and with SOA-P coming more configuration
is needed. Having a "Search..." facility like Eclipse has for Java runtimes would be good..
Note: JBoss EAP and SOA-P includes "multiple runtimes" in it self so would be good it would support that too  ;) 

h2. Update site for JBDS

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