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Hi Federico,

This is the changes I made:

   public void createDestination(Class<? extends Destination> type, String jndiSuffix) throws Exception
      String methodName;
      String destinationContext;
      if (type == Topic.class)
         destinationContext = "topic";
         methodName = "deployTopic";
      else if (type == Queue.class)
         destinationContext = "queue";
         methodName = "deployQueue";
         // type was not a Topic or Queue, bad user
         throw new IllegalArgumentException
                 ("Expected javax.jms.Queue or javax.jms.Topic: " + type);

      String jndiName = (new StringBuilder()).append(destinationContext).append("/").append(jndiSuffix).toString();
      ObjectName destinationManagerName = new ObjectName("jboss.messaging:service=ServerPeer");

      KernelAbstraction kernel = KernelAbstractionFactory.getInstance();
      // invoke the server to create the destination
      Object result = kernel.invoke(destinationManagerName,
              new Object[]{jndiSuffix, jndiName},
              new String[]{"java.lang.String", "java.lang.String"});


Rebuild the project and drop the jar into the depoly/ejb3.deployer folder. Hope this helps you...


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