[jboss-user] What is UDP Port 7500 and where to configure it

Oliver Welter mail at oliwel.de
Mon Jan 24 11:08:31 EST 2011

Hi Folks,

sorry if this is a noob question but I am new to JBoss and digging the
net for hours now and dont get the clue.

I have an already running JBoss 4.2.3 GA running on Linux and now want
to run more than one JBoss on this single box. As I have only one IP, I
want to use individual port ranges for each instance. I successfully
switched on the ServiceBindingManager and configured the
Cluster-Service-Ports so they are different for both environments.

If I call netstat, I can see both JBoss binding to UDP Port 7500. I was
not successfull to find anything in the configs that explicitley uses
this port. Google tolds me that this is the Diagnostic Port of JGroups -
but all methods found to disable or move this port failed.

However the servers seem to do their work but I am uncertain if there is
any unwanted interaction between them.

Any help is appreciated


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