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> None of the options provide a solution for the issue described in the original post:
> * the fact that a JCA resource adaptor may support multiple types of the underlying connections. That means - pooling by CRI at least.
> * pooling by Subject (I pressume you mean it with credantials) may cause too many sub-pools in case of a big numgber of users. The consequence is that max pool size = max pool size x number of users.

Because the original post is wrong. Read section 9.1.9.
> In my opinion the pooling should depend on the re-authentication capability of adapter. If an adapter declares that it supports re-authentication - pool by CRI, if not - pool by Subject and CRI.

Wrong again.

Pooling for reauthentication enabled resource adapters is a special pool implementation (Reauth) - not PoolByCri, PoolBySubject, ...

And it *is* up to the resource adapter to manage its ManagedConnection connections in regards to reauthentication, so the implemented solution works.

You need to implement the contracts defined in the JCA specification - if you have multiple Connection's using the same ManagedConnection - then that it is a matter for the resource adapter - not the JCA container.

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