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"Task Service - large number of generic listeners"

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I have been playing around with user tasks in jBPM using the default implementation of user tasks. When I close the task, it seems that task service looks for all listeners on that task and sends some messages ..... Now this is what is happening, if I have 2 completed tasks in my DB and I am closing the 3rd task, I see 3 statements on task service console which suggest that possibly the listener on tasks which are closed is still hanging around and listening to task closure events. This thing becomes very annoying when you have a large number of tasks, basically you see a number of statements on console and it seems like it takes more time to complete the task. Has someone else also faced a similar issue?

     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:379:debug] Message receieved on server : Operation
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:380:debug] Arguments : [Complete, 4, krisv, null,
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:380:debug] Command receieved on server was operati
on of type: Complete
     [java] MessagingTaskEventListener.taskCompleted 4
     [java] Found generic listeners: 4
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:393:debug] Message receieved on server : QueryTask
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:393:debug] Arguments : [krisv, en-UK]
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:397:debug] Message receieved on server : GetTaskRe
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:397:debug] Arguments : [4]
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:403:debug] Message receieved on server : GetTaskRe
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:404:debug] Arguments : [4]
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:412:debug] Message receieved on server : GetTaskRe
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:413:debug] Arguments : [4]
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:418:debug] Message receieved on server : GetTaskRe
     [java] [2011:03:80 16:03:418:debug] Arguments : [4]

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