[jboss-user] How to clean a failed deploy via admin-console

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How to clean a failed deploy via admin-console

Hi there,

I noticed a problem with admin-console from AS 6.1 (have not tried with
other releases) when a failed deploy leaves some kind of "gargabe" that it
seem can only be cleansed with restart.

How to reproduce:
1. Use the admin-console do deploy an EAR which depends on a non-configured
data source or jms queue. It'll fail
2. Create the missing resources (data source, jms queue, etc)
3. Jboss logs will show the EAR and its sub-packages deploying fine, but
they won't show on admin-console
4. App seems to work ok, but there's no copy of the EAR on deploy
5. App has folders inside tmp/vfs for EAR and its subpackages, which are
removed on shutdown
6. On restart, the EAR app does not exist anymore

I tried to remove the tmp/vfs/automount* files, but the EAR and its
subpackages are still deployed when the missing resources are configured,
but this time the web applications won't start, complaining missing files
from tmp/vfs.

You see, this is very strange... I can't get rid of the failed deployments
either using the console nor removing files. They keep lurking on my system
and can create a situation where a working app (from user's perspective) is
invisible to the admin-console and disapears on restart. Very confusing and
prone to break havoc on a production system.

At least the app can be re-deployed without a restart... but someone has to
remember to do the redeploy after providing the missing resources. But if
someone configures the missing resources for some other app that happen to
use the same datasource or jms topic?

Is there a way to "clean" the state for failed deployments, so they don't
start when missing resources are configured, and without redeploying the
same packages?
[]s, Fernando Lozano

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