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"Re: JBoss AS 7 - Call Glassfish WS - None of the policy alternatives can be satisfied"

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Alessio and Paul,

The service it´s an project of the my company and the responsable modified the WSDL for me, because it was not necessary use WS-AT (was inserted with an generate).

Problem solved, thank for your help  :D 

old wsdl:

> <definitions targetNamespace=" http://nfe.consultas.ws.nfecorp.sefaz.ce.gov.br/%7DConsultaNfeService http://my.company.domain.project.ws/" name="SearchMethodService">
> <ns1:Policy wsu:Id="SearchSomethingPortBinding_searchMethod_WSAT_Policy">
>            <ns1:ExactlyOne>
>                     <ns1:All>
>                           <ns2:ATAlwaysCapability/>
>                           <ns3:ATAssertion ns1:Optional="true" ns4:Optional="true"/>
>                     </ns1:All>
>             </ns1:ExactlyOne>
> </ns1:Policy>
> (....)
> <binding name="SearchSomethingPortBinding" type="tns:SearchSomething">
>           <soap:binding transport=" http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/http" style="document"/>
>           <operation name="searchMethod">
>                <ns5:PolicyReference URI="#SearchSomethingBinding_searchMethod_WSAT_Policy"/>
>                <soap:operation soapAction=""/>
>                <input>
>                     <soap:body use="literal"/>
>                </input>
>                <output>
>                     <soap:body use="literal"/>
>                </output>
>           </operation>
> </binding>

*The new WSDL hasn´t policy WS-AT.

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