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Hi, the jbpm web designer can generate task forms for you (see more on this here: and here:  http://blog.athico.com/2011/07/develop-complex-jbpm-processes-all-in.html http://blog.athico.com/2011/07/develop-complex-jbpm-processes-all-in.html). These task forms (the process task form and a task form for each usertask in your process) are fully executeable and are stored in Guvnor, so you can modify them if needed. 

To answer your question, lets say you have a simple process:
 http://i.imgur.com/ZJLLo.png  http://i.imgur.com/ZJLLo.png  

where you define two process variables, x and y of type string, if you generate the process forms and view the sources, you will see that to print out
the value of x and y you could do for example:

<div class="div_checkbox">
<div class="div_checkbox">

and if you users to enter in a value of specific process variable or output mapping of your user task you can do for example:

<form action="complete" method="POST" enctype="multipart/form-data" onsubmit="return taskFormValidator()">
   <div class="div_texbox">
      <input name="x" type="text" class="textbox" id="x" value="" />
   <label for="name">y</label>
   <div class="div_texbox">
      <input name="y" type="text" class="textbox" id="y" value="" />
   <div class="button_div">
      <input name="Submit" type="submit" value="Submit" class="buttons" />

the JavaScipt, CSS and markup are not really needed, that's just something designer adds for the look/feel.

Hope this helps.

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