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"Re: [jbpm5.1] Inconsistencies between Guvnor and jbpm-console"

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Yes, I build after every change in the repository. According to Guvnor, the package builds fine. Sometimes there are errors in my processes that prevent the package from building, but so far I could solve them and get the desired "Package built successfully. Last modified on ...". In the server log, the only new line after building the package is this (Bargain and WSCustomWorkItem are the workflows):
> 09:31:30,287 INFO  [stdout] (http-- INFO  29-11 09:31:30,279 (LoggingHelper.java:info:49)       Following assets have been included in package build: drools, Bargain, serviceTask, shopclient-1.0.0, webservice, WSCustomWorkItem,
When I then log into jbpm-console, it additionally logs:
> 09:34:51,810 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Loaded user admin: admin manager user
> 09:34:51,810 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Loaded user krisv: admin manager user
> 09:34:51,810 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Loaded user sales-rep: admin manager user sales
> 09:34:51,811 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Loaded user john: admin manager user PM
> 09:34:51,811 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Loaded user mary: admin manager user HR
> 09:35:03,763 INFO  [stdout] (http-- INFO  29-11 09:35:03,762 (NilAuthenticator.java:authenticate:35)    All users are guests.
> 09:35:03,764 INFO  [stdout] (http-- INFO  29-11 09:35:03,763 (RepositoryServlet.java:allowUser:113)     admin authenticated for rest api
> 09:35:03,764 INFO  [stdout] (http-- INFO  29-11 09:35:03,764 (PackageDeploymentServlet.java:execute:134)        PackageName: defaultPackage
> 09:35:03,765 INFO  [stdout] (http-- INFO  29-11 09:35:03,764 (PackageDeploymentServlet.java:execute:135)        PackageVersion: LATEST
> 09:35:03,765 INFO  [stdout] (http-- INFO  29-11 09:35:03,765 (PackageDeploymentServlet.java:execute:136)        PackageIsLatest: true
> 09:35:03,765 INFO  [stdout] (http-- INFO  29-11 09:35:03,765 (PackageDeploymentServlet.java:execute:137)        PackageIsSource: false
> 09:35:03,843 INFO  [stdout] (http-- jbpm.console.directory property not found
> 09:35:05,322 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Loading session data ...
> 09:35:05,425 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Error loading session data: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
> 09:35:05,426 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Creating new session data ...
> 09:35:05,719 INFO  [stdout] (http-- Successfully loaded default package from Guvnor
Still, no processes are found by jbpm-console-server, even after redeploying. As a reference, I attached the complete server.log (from startup to opening the jbpm-console).

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