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Where do I setup the server adapter? I see the jboss tools runtime detection, but don't really find the as7 server adapter or settings your talking about.

There are a number of issues that I'm facing that we should try to make easier.

1. I can easily run all 5 wars in the same local runtime each with unique localhost based urls using the context-root resulting from the war deployment name. These are mapped to 5 different express applications and need to have an updated jboss-web.xml that specified a / context-root since each application already has a unique dns name, for example, 

 http://localhost:8080/idp http://localhost:8080/idp deployes to  http://idp-sstark.dev.rhcloud.com/ http://idp-sstark.dev.rhcloud.com/

Now I can certainly just use the same default context root of idp so that the url for the express app is  http://idp-sstark.dev.rhcloud.com/idp/ http://idp-sstark.dev.rhcloud.com/idp/, but I'm looking into things users would want to do with a local vs paas deployment of their application. Currently I achieve this by exporting the war to the express app deployments directory, and then run an ant fixup script that overwrites the ipd.war/WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml with another that overrides the context-root. I know I mentioned the need to have an exported context-root differ from what is deployed locally in another thread. If in the M4 there could be a setting that allowed one to specifiy an alternate jboss-web.xml (like the jboss-web-express.xml I use), that would overwrite the current WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml whent the war is exported, that would be helpful.

2. The application I'm working on have references to each other, and as such, have pages/configuration that reference either a property or a default localhost based url. For example:
<PicketLinkSP xmlns="urn:picketlink:identity-federation:config:1.0" ServerEnvironment="tomcat">
 <IdentityURL>${idp.url:: http://localhost:8080/idp/ http://localhost:8080/idp/}</IdentityURL>
 <ServiceURL>${employee.url:: http://localhost:8080/employee/ http://localhost:8080/employee/}</ServiceURL>

Now I set the idp.url and employee.url settings in the express app .openshift/conf/standalone.xml server configuration file. It would be nice if there was a dual notion for the jboss as7 server runtime that allowed you to edit a local vs paas view. Right now there is an XML Configuration section under the server with just a Ports section. If there were Local and PaaS sections where two standalone.xml configuration could be managed that would be helpful.

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