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"Creating EJB3 Timers using Jboss 5.1 deployer during deploy time"

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I am working on an EJB3 application. I use JBOSS AS 5.1.0 GA as application server. The previous version of application used jboss's jnp to initiate jndi calls. I need to call jndi over HTTP. Everything goes well with jndi http calls. The problem is about EJB3 timers. Application has 5 EJB3 timers that are created in a startup serverlet of a web application. This web application deploys along with ejb3 application in jboss. The problem occurs when web application wants to call the beans related to that timers to use their init methods. At this point the jboss server didn't started yet and "/invoker/JNDIFactory" context is not accessible. Jboss server just finished installing ejb methods and it wants to deploy web applications withing ear file. I got timeout and jboss stuck in this point.
I just don't know how to configure ejb3 timers to be created using jboss timer service deployer. I don't want to invoke EJB methods because the timeout problem I have. I need to create those timers and init them to be fired 5 minutes after jboss server was started.
I checked config files in the deploy folder like "ejb2-timer-service.xml" and "ejb3-timerservice-jboss-beans.xml". I couldn't find any useful information about what I need to do.
The ejb3 timers extends TimedObject and they work fine when App uses jnp.
I hope I could explain enough the problem. But if it needs more information please ask me to explain more.

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