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Our major reason for looking into the application server setup is that we want to manage the number of available connections to the database. The problem is that the database we want the app to talk to is a general resource shared by more than just our department.  Our old apps are only used by a relatively small number of people, so in creating those we didn't worry about keeping track of how many concurrent copies might be running (and hence how many concurrent connections they're generating).  However, this new app will be much more widely used (in the range of 100-150 people would potentially be using it, vs the 15-20 currently), and we're concerned about potentially affecting all the other users if we don't have some middle layer regulating access for our app.  (It's a big commercial system which a separate dedicated team maintains, and most people just use apps from the same vendor to interact with it - I assume those apps are connecting through some middle tier, but I don't really know, and it's all C/C++ based in any case.)  It's not the transactional isolation that we're concerned with, since as you say database systems are designed to provide ways to handle concurrency issues.

A second issue which came up recently is that the commercial system was updated and the underlying database schema changed slightly.  We have a bunch of small apps (again, used by only a few people) which retrieve information from it, and although most of them were communicating through a couple of base access classes, in a number of places some extra SQL queries had crept in, and we had to hunt down all of them to make sure they matched the new schema.  One thing we were hoping is that by using Hibernate as an interface for the database we would avoid that kind of problem in the future.

Maybe the application server idea is overkill?  Assuming we're careful with our transaction demarcations and try to optimize our SQL queries to minimize database load, could we get away with just connecting directly the way we have been?  (Again, I apologize for the dumb questions!  Thank you for your patience!)

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